3SPACIO MÍNIM0 - Exposición 30 aniversario

3SPACIO MÍNIM0, is the title of the exhibition that celebrates the gallery’s 30th anniversary. Planned in three one-month exhibitions for each one of these three decades of work. It evokes and recalls key moments or turning points of special relevance in the gallery’s journey throughout this period. 30 seasons in which It has programmed 174 individual exhibitions, 23 collective exhibitions and has participated in 158 art fairs.

The exhibition is conceived as a review exercise, with the perspective that time gives, of the formal and conceptual lines that have marked this career, especially through the works of artists who have passed through the gallery in these years, but also of complementary information and documentation, both in person at the exhibition and available in digital format on the networks, which enrich and complete the exhibition.

The starting point is a piece created especially for the occasion by Martí Cormand, a scale model that faithfully reproduces, reducing it even more, the first space of the gallery in 1992. Those scarce fourteen square meters that justified the choice of its name -Espacio Mínimo- from the conviction that a Gallery is not a space, it is, above all, a project. Regarding the work, the artist writes: Time travel has a long tradition in science fiction literature and in movies, such as the classic “The Time Machine” (1960). Black holes through which you travel or where everything disappears. You could say that a black hole is a natural time machine. If we get close to a black hole, they have such great gravity that even time slows down around them. The piece “Espacio Mínimo” is literally a small-scale reproduction of the space that no longer exists today. But it could be a tunnel in time through its visualization on the networks. If we take photos of the model and post them on Instagram, the piece is shown as a real space, and the Murcia gallery becomes an exhibition space of our present, 30 years later.

3SPACIO MÍNIM0, is conceived as the celebration of a reunion. A way to update the memory for those who have known the gallery since its beginning, and a source of information for those who have known it shortly. For everyone, it is a formal invitation to participate in this space-time journey.

1 . 1992-2002: The beginnings. (From October 27 to November 12, 2022)

In the first eight years of this decade, the gallery developed its activity in Murcia in two different spaces while, to counteract the isolation that its location imposes on it, it encourages its participation in international fairs. In the year 2000 the gallery moved to Madrid.

This first part revolves around the artists with whom the gallery began to work in that decade and those it continues to represent today: Manu Arregui, Nono Bandera, Bene Bergado, Miguel Ángel Gaüeca, and Liliana Porter, of whom present especially significant works of those years. Also on display are works exhibited by the gallery at the time by Jan Fabre, Erwin Olaf, James Bidgood, Sofía Morales, Marcel Dzama, Antonio Murado, The Royal Art Lodge, Lidó Rico, Daniel Gutiérrez (Verbis), and Francesco Impellizzeri.

2 . 2002-2012: Madrid. (From November 19 to December 10, 2022)

The part dedicated to the first years of the new century, with the gallery already settled in its current location on Calle Doctor Fourquet, emphasizes the works of the artists whom Espacio Mínimo began to represent during that period and with whom the relationship continues, such as Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, Anne Berning, Antonio Montalvo, Philip Jones, and Tom of Finland, and others, such as Norbert Bisky, Susan Collis, Martín Parr or Sergey Bratkov, with whom the gallery began its collaboration then. Also, works exhibited by the gallery during that decade by the artists Risk Hazekamp, ​​Gary Lee Boas, LaToya Rubi Frazier, Juan Hidalgo or Yosua Okón are also shown. With special attention in this section to the review of the activity carried out by the gallery in Asia during that period, with regular attendance at fairs such as CIGE in Bejing, SH Contemporary in Shangay, and Art Beijing in China, KIAF in Seoul, Korea or Art Taipei in Taiwan showing works by Asian artists with whom the gallery began to work then, such as the Chinese Liang Yuanwei, Liu Ding, Li Wei and Yang Jing, or the Korean Yeondoo Yung.

3. 2012-2022: The Present. (From December 17, 2022 to January 21, 2023)

The review of the gallery’s last decade of activity focuses on the works of the latest artists who have become part of Espacio Mínimo: Juan Luis Moraza, Alicia Mihai Gazcue, Ana Vidigal, Martí Cormand, Diana Larrea, Maider López, Steven Arnold, Ana Tiscornia, Donna Conlon and the latest to join the list of its artists, Elena Blasco whose first individual project is scheduled to coincide with the next edition of ARCO. This last section closes with the presence of Latin American artists –Felipe Cortés, Mauro Piva, Paz Errázuriz, Hector Jiménez Castillo, Ricardo Rendón and Saúl Sánchez– with whom the gallery has worked in recent years, as a result of their participation in fairs of art in these countries, such as ZonaMACO in Mexico, ArtBo in Bogotá, PaRC or Art Lima in Lima, CHACO in Santiago de Chile, CIRCA in Puerto Rico, SP Arte in Sao Paulo, Art Rio in Rio de Janeiro, ZonaMACO Foto in Mexico, BBAA Foto in Buenos Aires, or PINTA, the Latin American art fair, in its London and New York editions.


Espacio Mínimo wants to thank all those who have accompanied us in this for 30 years, collectors, curators, critics, institutions, the public, colleagues… and, above all, the artists, without whose work nothing would have been possible, with a special memory to those who are no longer with us. With the rest of the people, we will continue to see each other in the future.

 1992-2002: The beginings


 2002-2012: Madrid


2012-2022: The Present