Anne Berning

Anne Berning .- Art Books (Cronica del Pou-Pourri). Pintura .- Óleo sobre lienzo, 250 x 227 cms (16 partes), 2011

Anne Bernbing - IDIOT. 2018. 200 x 230 cm. MEDIA Anne Berning - POOR_P. 2016. 35x40x33. MEDIA Anne Berning - DOGMA. 2016. 48x48. MEDIA Anne Berning - HARLEKIN. 2015. 43x78. MEDIA Anne Berning - WHAT. 2018. 170x200. MEDIA Anne Berning - HAHA. 2018. 200x170. MEDIA Anne Berning - TORTE chromatic. 2017. Esmalte sobre cerámica. 10 x 20 cm. Único Anne Berning - IDIOT(rosé). 2018. Óleo sobre lienzo. 40 x 50 cm. Unico Anne Berning - TU MIRA. 2016. Print y emalte sobre cerámica. 40 x 38 cm. Unico Anne Berning - GOLD. 2016. 48x40. MEDIA

Professor of painting since 2004 of Mainz’s University, Anne Berning has exhibited at Kunstverein of Bremerhaven, at CAC of Malaga, at Kuckei + Kuckei Galerie in Berlin, at Grunt Gallery in Vancouver, and in important group shows such us Made in Berlin at the ArtForum in the Messenhalle of Berlín, Aldrei Nie Never in the Living Art Museum of Reykjavik, Io non ho paura del colore in the Villa Piccolomini of Rome, Don en Chianti Fundation in Texas, “Save the day” in the Museum of Modern Art of Frankfort, and Die Orte der Kunst in the Sprengel Museum of Hannover.