Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker

Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker - Tapitapultas

Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker - Efecto domino still finger Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker - Zincfonía Tropical Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker - Drinking Song

Donna Conlon (Atlanta, 1966) and Jonathan Harker (Quito, 1975), they both live and work in Panama City. Conlon’s work is a socio-archeological search of her immediate surroundings: she picks up and collects images and object from everyday life, and uses them to reveal human idiosyncrasies and the contradictions of our contemporary lifestyle. Harker uses irony and hyperbole to subvert language and traditional storytelling conventions. His work showcases the seams and gaps which reveal the fabricated nature of personal and collective identities and realities. Harker and Conlon started to work together in 2006. Their videos and installations use the inherent properties of discarded objects to comment on the shaping of identities, consumerism, accumulation of waste, and climate.


Conlon y Harker showed their works in exhibitions in the New Contemporary Art Museumy (NuMu) Guatemala (2014), Diablo Rosso, Panamá (2014), Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY (2014) el centro cultural Los del Patio, Panamá (2011), el Museu Dragão do Mar, Fortaleza, Brasil (2009), TEOR/éTica, San José, Costa Rica (2009) and the Samson Projects Gallery, Boston (2007). ASlso, the participated together in exhibitions as: Saber Desconocer: 43 Salón (Inter)Nacional de Artistas, Medellín, Colombia (2013); The World Over, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada (2013); Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, El Museo del Barrio, Nueva York (2012);Geopoéticas: the 8th Bienal of Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brasil, (2011); Afuera! Art in Public Spaces, El Panal, Córdoba, Argentina (2010); Utrópicos: XXXI Bienal de Pontevedra, Pontevedra, España (2010); la X Bienal de la Habana (2009); Consumer, Palais du Tokyo, París (2009);  and in Estrecho dudoso, Art and contemporary design Museum, San José, Costa Rica (2006). In 2010, Conlon & Harker won a production grant from the Harpo Foundation. His collaborations are part of prestigious collections such as the Galician Center of Contemporary Art, the Art Foundation Kadist the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, the Queensland Art Gallery, Tate Modern and Guggenheim.