For Sale / Se vende .- Collective exhibition

“For Sale / En venta”, is the title of a painting by Liliana Porter, belonging to one of her most representative series and which is part of the exhibition. It is also the name of the project with which we resume our activity after lockdown. A collective sample of artists from the gallery, national and foreign, with which, at least in a symbolic way, we try to alleviate the necessary social distance that prevents us from being together for months. A selection of significant works by the artists we represent, varied in techniques, formats and media, that dialogue with each other creating a complex system of formal and conceptual tensions.

STEVEN ARNOLD (USA. Photography), MANU ARREGUI (Spain. Video), NONO BANDERA (Spain. Ceramic/painting), BENE BERGADO (Spain. Sculpture), ANNE BERNING (Germany. Painting), SUSAN COLLIS (UK. Sculpture), MARTÍ CORMAND (Spain/USA. Sculpture), MIGUEL ÁNGEL GAÜECA (Spain. Sculpture), TERESA LANCETA (Spain. Textile), DIANA LARREA (Spain. Video), MAIDER LÓPEZ (Spain. Painting / Action), ALICIA MIHAI GAZCUE (Romania/Uruguay. Drawing/Intervention), ANTONIO MONTALVO (Spain. Painting), JUAN LUIS MORAZA (Spain. Sculpture), MANU MUNIATEGIANDIKOETXEA (Spain. Painting), LILIANA PORTER (Argentina/USA. Painting), ANA TISCORNIA (Uruguay/USA. Painting/Assembly) and ANA VIDIGAL (Portugal. Painting), are taking part of the exhibition.

 “For Sale / En venta” is also the beginning of a new work format, with dual exhibitions that can be visited in person in our space and virtually via the Web. At the gallery, all the information – press release, room sheet, technical sheets … – can be consulted using QR Codes. From our website you can access the aforementioned information indeed and images of the works and videos of the whole exhibition. In addition, we have enabled the “Videoconference” option to make a personalized virtual visit of the exhibition, learn about other works by our artists or obtain more specific information. We have also created a “Shop” for direct sales on the Web for works of between mainly € 100 and € 5,000, with specific selections of pieces that we will be changing from time to time. Finally, a “Private Area” for collectors and professionals in which, upon request for a password, they will have exclusive and personalized access.