Teresa Lanceta .- Espai D’Art Contemporani de Castelló

ESPAI Te toca a ti

Te toca a ti is an exhibition on processes, reciprocity and empathy in contemporary art practice. The works showcased at EACC partake in a gaze grounded in listening and touch in which correspondence, exchange and waiting play a critical role in their transit towards becoming narrative.
A narrative that reveals that human and non-human beings are interdependent and do not pre-exist to their relationships.

Inherent to the term narrative is a high degree of truth and invention: this twofold meaning speaks to a recounting of facts one supposes to be true, but also to fable, to fiction. This breakdown of boundaries or semantic fuzziness is precisely what defines contemporaneity and the art objects in the exhibition space reflect on all this.

And so, Te toca a ti hands over the turn to you and invites you to dwell in uncertainty in a set of strings that shows the importance of weaving links in an increasingly polarized world.

CURATOR Laura Vallés Vílchez
ARTISTS Ludovica Carbotta / Céline Condorelli / Moyra Davey / Oier Etxeberria / Luca Frei / Adelita Husni-Bey / Teresa Lanceta / Alex Reynolds / Inmaculada Salinas / Lorenzo Sandoval


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